Brialmont is a Belgian dj/producer born in 1992 and he layed his hands on the decks the first time at the age of 16. At first, he played at local smaller places and party’s, but it soon got clear that he wanted to go further then that and he got a hold of several residences in Hasselt, such as Aper’eau, Export, Koestal, De Wijzen,...

In 2015 he released his first EP under his alter ego name “Cartas” on the Greece based label “Erase Records”. Several bigger names such as Kolombo, Wasabi, Sugar Hill supported his music. This got him into playing at bigger venues such as Balaton Sound Festival (HU), Board X (ESP), MoreThanBare (Ibiza) and Radiostation StuBru over the years.

In 2018 he signed a record deal with London based label Spectrum Recordings, with success ! He released 3 tracks in 2019 which have over 300 thousand combined streams on Spotify ! The biggest achievements in 2019 were definitely playing for the first time at Tomorrowland and Amsterdam Dance Event.

On top of that, he signed a record deal with Swiss based label Sirup Music, which is a renowned label of dj EDX with the likes of Nora En Pure, Calippo, Esquire, Sons Of Maria,... His first track “Looking at me” released on 18.11.2019 and is supported already by EDX himself and Lucas & Steve.

House music, dance classics, Club music in its broadest sense is what you can expect if you book this guy.